XViREnt – News and Updates

Update #1: DECEMBER YEAR 1 AGR – Beta testing “Solar System Nova” has failed, it seems the Great Reset from the war between the Xients and humans have rendered Metaverse X-40 inoperable.

Update #2: JULY YEAR 2 AGR – UNMDA to convene in order to decide on whether to pull the plug on the XViREnt revival project.

Update #3: JAN YEAR 3 AGR – Vironica has identified a new Metaverse reality in X-42 (a level thought unreachable by current Quantum Computers), scan finds a solar system in sector AVA that was not erased in the Great Reset. Conduit opened.

Update #4: APR YEAR 3 AGR – Probes have returned analysis of system AVA, it contains several planets, a resource-rich asteroid planet, and an artificial planet (a spherical construct) that appears to have been a center of Xient commerce many cycles prior to the great reset, but now left abandoned. Sphere is designated AVA-10N.

Update #5: MAY YEAR 3 AGR – UNMDA to convene and decide on next steps. The future looks promising.

Update #6: JANUARY YEAR 4 AGR – UNMDA has committed resources to restore human presence in XViREnt via construction of a new space station (designated the UNS Halifax), and use it as the hub for the exploration of this new version of the X-Metaverse, resource gathering, and developing a new human city on planet AVA-10N, dubbed Macro City.